Yield to Truckers

Trucks carry a lot more weight and have a harder time turning than a smaller vehicle. When a truck is making a right turn, never try to pass it on the right side as your car could end up smashed between the curb and the truck if the truck driver cannot see you. When a truck is turning left, smaller vehicles should back off and give the driver room to maneuver without having to stop traffic.

Speed and Space

It is more difficult for a large truck to stop quickly because of the weight that it is carrying behind. If a car pulls out right in front of a truck and slows down, the results can be disastrous. Drivers should always leave a good amount of space between their vehicles and a large truck, and always give truck drivers extra time to slow down, particularly on hills or downward slopes.

Pass with Care

Drivers must take extra care when passing a big truck. Don't return to the truck’s lane until you can see the front of the truck in your rear-view mirror after passing it. This helps the truck driver avoid sudden and uncontrollable braking. Accidents caused by careless drivers who don't take necessary precautions can lead to serious accidents and lawsuits filed by aggressive truck accident lawyers

Be Alert Driving Near Trucks!